Acne Issues Are You Sure Those Pimples Are Acne

Get Rid of Acne Try These Natural Tips and Tricks

Acne like everyone who has suffered it knows is a very shameful, disgraceful and painful ailment which makes the sufferer to be looked down on with disdain.

The doctors are not even helping matters due to the fact that some now capitalize on it to milk their patients dry, selling to them drugs they know would not work at an exorbitant rate.

Acne, has to do with the degeneration of the immune system and any cure that seems not to tackle it from that point is the ideal one.

Our modern day living has exposed us to diverse kinds of acidic compounds, which flow right from what we eat to the environment where we stay leaving our body system filled with chemical compounds which fight the immune system of our body, degenerating it to the point where numerous diseases like diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, acne to mention but a few.

Just imagine a car meant to run on diesel, certainly run on a mixture of diesel an water, there is going to be breakdown in no distant time. Same way our immune system meant to run on an regular medium which is not too acidic certainly gets filled with different chemical compounds, there is certainly going to be a breakdown of the body system and when that happens, acne and other disease sets in.

To get rid of acne,one has to get his or her body back to its original state where it thrives on vitamins and minerals as they provide the body enough room to build its defense against certain factors that fight the immune system.

Also, the foods we eat contribute greatly to the development of acne in our system,saturated fats and oil found in meats are in no way good for the body, any form of processed or canned foods should be watched as they are been preserved with sodium, a chemical compound which absorbs water and other nutrients from the body leaving the skin dry.

Finally, consume lots of fruits, vegetables, vitamin supplements and clean water in great quantities as they help the body build up the immune system and when the immune system is strong only then can they fight against acne any any other disease.