Acne Pimple Home Remedies – A 4 Step Method For Quickly Clearing Skin

Acne doesn't just affect teen, it affects adults too, over 30% to be exact, and treating adult acne requires the same diligence as treating teen acne.

Many treatments will combine acne skin care treatment with acne scar treatments, since acne scarring is much more common in adults suffering from acne.

The best thing you can do for adult acne is to keep your skin clean as the first step for prevention. It also doesn't hurt to be proactive using skin care products that are designed to reduce the number of outbreaks. Never wait for your face to break out before you treat. Using a daily cleansing regime that is designed for your skin type is the best place to start.

Never use products that will cause your skin to dry out and this can cause other problems sometimes worse than your acne. Dry skin can lead to eczema a painful skin condition. You do not want to dry your skin out and irritate it! Besides, if you dry it out too much it will produce more oil, which will cause more breakouts, totally defeating the purpose of preventative care.

There are many different magical potions on the market these days to treat adult acne. In fact, in a very short period of time acne treatments have improved tremendously, partly because acne is much better understood then even a decade ago.

Sometimes preventative regimes combined with over the counter treatments are all it takes to reduce or even eliminate adult acne outbreaks, while other times it requires more drastic measures, which include prescription acne medications.

Using a cleansing product that gently exfoliates is a good idea. It will help remove existing acne gently and it is also good for reducing scars. Retin A is a good choice of product for a deep clean that can help reduce acne scars by peeling the top layer of skin away very gently, and as an added bonus it also removes fine lines and wrinkles.

Products like Clearasil or Oxy are proven to be effective but they do tend to work better on teen skin than mature skin, unless you have oily skin. Too often these products cause redness and inflammation in

. They do however make good spot treatments because they fight bacteria and reduce inflammation.

There are also some fabulous natural treatments that are an excellent choice for adult acne. Also consider your diet. There can be foods that are contributing to your breakouts. As well eating healthy with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as ample water intake automatically reduces the outbreaks.

If you are suffering from acne scars you'll be happy to know that treatments in the last decade have improved significantly. Depending on the severity of your scars there is definitely a multitude of treatment options. You can discuss this with your dermatologist or doctor.

One of the most common treatments for adult acne, acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles is Dermabrasion. It works by removing the affected skin, which allows new healthy skin to grow into its place. It is often called the sandpaper treatment because it strips away the first layer of skin. You'll be happy to know the most modern form of Dermabrasion no longer feels like sandpaper.

Today's adult has plenty of adult acne treatments available so there's no need to worry about dealing with acne should it decide to revisit you.

Got a yucky pimple or zit you need gone fast? Don’t sit around for weeks waiting for a blemish to clear up. Try this set of quick, homemade acne remedies out, and I’m almost certain you can see significant improvement of your skin in the next 24 hours or less.
I know what it’s like to be stressed because you have an important event on the horizon and a breakout at the same time. It used to happen to me often before I began using a long-term system to keep my skin under control. Here are some tips to begin clearing up your skin today, and to make sure it stays clear from now on.
If you’ve honestly got an important event coming up soon, and you need clear skin ASAP, I need you to stand up right now and get yourself a tall glass of water, drink it down, refill your glass, and THEN continue reading this article.
I’m totally serious.
If you really want to get your skin clear quickly, you need to take drastic action, and the best method
for clearing up acne in 24 hours or less is to drank as much water as you can safely handle.
Yes, you’ll be using the bathroom a lot, but you’ll wake up with clearer skin (and if you get started now, possibly go to bed with clearer skin too).
Be careful with this though, you don’t want to overdo it.
Try to eat some food every hour so that has some salt in it.
Also, I’d suggest drinking no more than 2 gallons in a day, spread out throughout the day.
I know for a fact that 2 gallons will clear your skin up drastically, but I also know that you may be able to drink more than that. For your safety, you shouldn’t. Stay within the realm of 1 to 2 gallons, and try to eat some saltine crackers to keep your salt level in check.
For an added boost to this method, add some lemon juice to your water – perhaps 4 or 5 teaspoons per gallon. It’s an anti-inflammatory agent, helps a small bit with the sodium, and has plenty of vitamin c in it. Most importantly, it will help your skin clear faster.
While this method is a bit drastic and takes some willpower, the second method is much easier…
Green apples, red apples…
Whatever sort of apples you like the best is fine in my experience. Just consume 3 to 5 of them in the span of a day, preferably before you begin eating your other meals, and your skin will clear more quickly. This is especially true if you combine the first method and this one.
Cut down on oily or greasy foods, consume several apples, and drink at least a liter of water per hour for up to 8 liters, and I can promise you that you’ll see a significant reduction in acne inflammation and pimples.
Those are the two most potent acne pimple home remedies and they are very effective – especially against cystic acne.
But what happens when time is running out and you need clear skin, but your body isn’t cooperating? Here’s how you can safely force your skin to submit…
Sometimes, my friend, you just have to concede and accept defeat.
If it looks like the zit or whitehead isn’t going to disappear by the time you need it to, sometimes it’s best to go ahead and pop it.
There are times when popping it is okay, and there are many times when popping it will make things much worse for you.
Here’s when NOT to pop it:
Do NOT try popping cystic acne. Your skin will become an absolute mess, with no real results except for scars.
Do NOT try popping nodules. Your skin will look worse, and may scar.
Do NOT try popping large whiteheads. Your skin will just become more inflamed, and the white part of the whitehead will likely reappear shortly.
I know it’s awful, but the truth about popping pimples is that it should NOT be used as a tool against significant acne lesions. Here are some times when it is safer to pop them:
1.It is a small, surface – level whitehead or blackhead.
2.It doesn’t take much pressure to pop the blemish. You should literally be able to shower and wipe away the blemish, or barely squeeze the whitehead or blackhead and pop it.
3.When you can go to sleep before the event begins. If you can pop the pimple at night before bed, your skin is likely to reduce in inflammation, and any resulting fluids dry up.
If you have large pimples, nodules, or cystic acne, your are suffering from a more serious condition, and it’s going to take clearing your skin from the inside out to get rid of the blemish quickly. More importantly, for the long term, it’s going to take strong preventive measures to keep your acne at bay.
That is why, if you don’t follow any of the other advice I’ve laid out in this article, follow this tip:
If you have acne-prone skin, it’s important to understand that the problem is genetic in nature, and there’s simply nothing you can do about it but manage it. So the main problem isn’t exactly acne itself. The main problem is all the misinformation out there that throws ineffective treatments and advice at consumers. Advice that does more harm than good and definitely doesn’t lead to effective acne management.
To get rid of acne once and for all, you need and effective, safe, long-term solution. It is much more effective to keep acne from surfacing than to try to put out the fire once it breaks out.