A Revolution in Acne Treatments – Has Resveratrol Outperformed Benzoyl Peroxide?

Back acne is a type of skin condition found on the back, rather than the more common places such as the face and neck area. Modern science does not know exactly what causes the outbreaks, but several factors might contribute to it.

Back acne is a type of skin condition found on the back, rather than the more common places such as the face and neck area. Modern science does not know exactly what causes the outbreaks, but several factors might contribute to it.

It is thought to be possibly caused by tight-fitting clothes that don't allow the skin to breathe and trap perspiration under the skin leading to clogged pores. All of the types of blemishes that are common on the face can also appear on the back. Back acne appears in the form of papules and pustules as well as whiteheads and blackheads. Whiteheads occur when the pore is clogged with bacteria, sebum (or oil) and dead skin cells. Blackheads occur when the pore is partially clogged with the same elements. Papules appear as tiny, red bumps on the skin and pustules are similar bumps that have a yellow or white pus-filled center. These back acne types are more resistant to treatment than the acne that appears on the face.

If you suffer from acne back get rid of the problem in a variety of ways. The most common way is to wash the area after perspiring to reduce the bacteria and sebum. Over-the-counter remedies such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can help to clear the pores, but the solutions need to be in higher concentrations than would be used on the face. Tea tree oil can also help get rid of back acne by applying it to dry skin in a thin layer at least twice a day. Finally, try to wear cotton fibers while exercising to allow pores to breathe and remain dry.

A more serious approach may be needed if back acne does not clear with over-the-counter products. Some of the more powerful drugs that can be prescribed are antibiotics such as erythromycin or tetracycline. These work to kill the excessive bacteria in the body, however, the results only last for as long as the back acne treatment is administered. Plus, you can develop a resistance to antibiotics over time.

If all remedies for back acne treatment do not work, Accutane or isotretinoin, works to reduce the amount of sebum the pores produce. However, because these are more potent, the side effects can be a lot more serious.

Talk to your dermatologist about your options when it comes to treating back acne as well as breakouts and blemishes anywhere on your body. He or she will point you in the right direction.

Acne treatments have not changed much over the last few decades, and most popular anti-acne products still use harsh chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide as their active ingredient. While many of us associate all-natural or organic skin care treatments as less effective, recent discoveries have made science open their eyes to a substance known as Resveratrol.
Chemical based acne products are all around, but did you know that the most popular active ingredient in anti-acne creams is actually harmful to your skin? Benzoyl Peroxide is used in most common Acne treatments including Teen Americas #1 Proactiv. Why? Because it works. The problem with benzoyl peroxide is that it can be very damaging to your skin, and does nothing to treat Acne for the long-run. It’s kinda like a temporary band-aid that causes dry, itchy skin. Testing by the FDA of its prolonged use showed it could cause free radicals within the skin (same effect as sun-damage) and even lead to tumors!
While consumers have relied on chemical based Acne treatments for the past 20 years, some cosmetic companies have searched for a safe, effective ingredient to replace Benzoyl Peroxide. After a well-known research showed that consuming red wine in moderation could lead to a longer healthier life, scientists at Oxford University decided to take a closer look at Resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of red grapes.
The science team at Oxford found that Resveratrol could kill all acne causing bacteria more effectively than benzoyl peroxide, while causing none of its side-effects. Furthermore, it showed Resveratrol has a unique ability to reduce both inflammation and the redness that makes acne visible. The same soothing compounds that creates the plump radiant looking skin of a ripe grape goes to work on your skin by regrowing fresh skin cells.
I have had problems with Acne since my teens and I tried everyhting from tooth-paste to Benzoyl Peroxide, only to see my pimples break out again. I am now on my second treatment with Dermajuv and all I get is an occasional zit or two. Dermajuv is really a great product, and it works for both acne prevention and scar removal.
What you get with
is an all-natural product that attacks Acne from both inside and out and that works on all skin types. It’s a 2-part system that’s very easy to use, and leaves no clogged pores or oiliness, just smooth acne-free skin!
Hopefully in the future, Benzoyl Peroxide will be off the shelves and consumers can be safe. In the meantime, it is up to consumers to read labels and take responsibility for the ingredients we treat our skin with.

Best Over the Counter Acne Treatments

Chronic acne is a common skin problem. It is normally occurred due to these reasons: pollution, dirt, industrial waste & chemicals, smoke, greasy & peppery foodstuffs, binge eating, hormones and meager lifestyle, etc. How is possible to clear your facial acne? Well! You will only need to follow these lively tips:

1. Eat Plenty of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

Eating fresh vegetables becomes remarkably imperative while acne germ. Fresh vegetables productively diminish your weight, and throw away your acne symptoms. You can eat certain kinds of fruitful vegetables, for example carrot, avocado, garlic, cauliflower, beet, okra, spinach, peas, corn, broccoli, cucumber, artichoke, etc. while acne syndrome. Similarly, the constant fruiting successfully diminishes your hives. You can eat fruits, such as apple, apricot, blueberry, cherries, pear, pomegranate, papaya, strawberry, and watermelon, etc. while acne disorder. These fruits are certainly valuable for your health, and produce a fresh blood in your body.

2. Drink Ample Amount of Fresh Juices

If you want to get rid of pimples fast, then drink plenteous juices of untouched fruits like: apple, pomegranate, strawberry, pear, guava, blueberry, pine apple, and orange, etc.

3. Regularly Perform Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic workout is the best way to weaken your body calories, and cystic acne. It was quoted by several dermatologists of the United States as saying, "The aerobic is the most excellent way to lessen your body fats and get rid of cystic acne". There are rich types of aerobics, such as stretching, yoga, dancing, and weight lifting, football, jogging, sprinting, volleyball, basketball, and cycling, etc.

4. Do Perform a Daily Wash Face

If you want to get rid of your skin complaint, sponge down your face on a daily basis. Don't put out of your mind using antibacterial soap. This will reform your skin complaint quickly.

5. Perform a Simple Make Up

Try to execute a simple make-up on your skin area. You will be effectively able to stay away from hives.

When it comes to beating acne, you can’t have too much information stored in your mind. Those who are unsuccessful at beating their acne quickly and effectively lack one major component in the battle against acne, which is knowledge. The more you know about why acne exists and what types of acne there are, the better chance you have of overcoming it and coming out on top. You will also want to know what are the best over the counter acne treatments out there that have had high success rates and which ones are most likely to work for you.
Part of discovering the answer to your question is knowing why acne appears in the first place. The most commonly cited reason as to the existence of acne is an excessive amount of oil filling the thousands of tiny pores in your skin. When this happens, zits and pimples, collectively known as acne forms. This is usually a result of a hormonal imbalance which occurs most often in teenagers and pregnant women, which is why you hear about those two groups being affected the most.
You can’t trust all over the counter acne treatments, and don’t think you can. Hundreds of companies make billions of dollars a year on your desperation to find a cure to your skin problems, but just because you want answers doesn’t mean you should buy whichever acne treatment product comes in the shiniest flashiest package. Do your research and find out for yourself which acne products are the best. Sift through various testimonials and reviews based on real people’s experiences not paid actors on the website of the product you are looking at or on a commercial on TV. Learn to think for yourself and decide which product would be best for you, not because your told but because you found out yourself.

The Role Of Vitamin A In Acne Treatments

Acne is a skin condition that causes whiteheads, blackheads and inflamed red lesions that are commonly called pimples or zits. Acne usually appears on the face and shoulders, but it can also occur on the arms, legs and buttocks. Acne is most common in teenagers, but can occur at any age, even in infants. 3 out of 4 teenagers suffer from this condition to some extent, due to hormonal changes that stimulate the production of sebum. What is more, people in their 30s and 40s may also have acne.

Acne occurs when the pores that exist at the surface of the skin get clogged. Each pore is an opening to sebaceous glands. Normally, the oil secreted by the gland helps to keep the skin lubricated and helps to remove old skin cells. But, when the glands produce too much oil, pores can become blocked and may start accumulating dirt and bacteria. The blockage causes a lesion that may be white (whitehead), or black (blackhead). If this lesion breaks, then the material that is inside, including oil and bacteria, can spread to the surrounding area and cause an inflammatory reaction. If the inflammation occurs deep inside the skin, the pimples may become enlarges and form painful cysts.

Acne tends to run in families and can be triggered by:

How to treat acne:

Following a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can also be very helpful. Our skin is the reflection of our overall health, so adding vitamins to your diet and staying away from junk food is highly recommended.

Currently, there are plenty of vitamin A-based medications used in treating mild to severe kinds of acne. These vitamin A-based medications or retinoids can be divided into three generations:
All of these medications are either natural or synthetic versions of vitamin A and they are popular among dermatologists because of their effectiveness as acne treatments. Retinoids come in different concentrations and forms. It can be bought as gels, creams, or oral pills.
But when did this nutrient’s reputation as a potent acne treatment began? According to experts, vitamin A was discovered between 1912 and 1914 by M. Davis and Elmer V. McCollum. Several decades later, experts were able to synthesize a version of vitamin A. However, this nutrient’s role in the advancement of acne medications gained popularity during the sixties, with its synthetic versions developed during the following decades. As of today, retinoids are still used by many dermatologists in treating breakouts.
This organic substance is good for your eyes, bones, skin, and immune system. As a treatment for zits, this potent nutrient can help regulate the shedding of your skin cells. One factor behind breakouts is the production of excess skin cells that can clog your pores and trap in excess oils, creating a breeding ground for the pimple-causing bacteria. These clogged pores can then turn into zits or pimples, signaling the presence of acne.
Aside from the skin cell-regulating ability of this natural substance, it can also help reduce swelling, making it a popular choice when dealing with inflammatory kinds of acne.
However, some kinds of retinoids are still a topic of debate among some experts since most of them are not meant to be used while the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding because of the serious health risks. An example is isotretinoin, commercially known as accutane. According to clinical studies, this drug might actually cause congenital defects. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient but if it is used in excess amounts or synthetic versions are used, it becomes toxic and harmful to a growing fetus.
Other drawbacks of vitamin A-based acne medicines include irritation, redness, flaking, a stinging or burning sensation, and psychological problems such as depression, although the last one is only linked to accutane. These are the reasons why some don’t bother to use retinoids when treating their breakouts.
The discovery of this nutrient’s role in the production of skin cells was an important event in the history of acne treatments. Until today, some severe kinds of acne that have not responded to other medications can only be treated through isotretinoin.
Because vitamin A-based acne medicines pose serious health risks, always consult an expert first before using such treatments. For more information on the risks and benefits of retinoids and other potent acne medicines, visit

Too Old For Acne – Adult Acne Cure

Acne is a very devious skin disorder. Your face can stay clear and blemish free for a certain period but without warning, pimples, cysts and pustules can pop out. For people who have been suffering from the effects of long-term acne (some acne starting as early as nine years old), it can be very traumatic, often resulting to withdrawal from social activities. Relationships can be affected as well as routine and social interaction. It is a deep-seated physical as well as emotional disease that can literally and figuratively scar a person for life.

Because of this, some people resort to more drastic solutions to reducing acne. Some acne treatments that are offered by medical experts today include laser treatment, cosmetic procedures and some experimental procedures like detoxification therapy.

Laser treatment is considered to be one of the more popular skin care treatment. There are many types of laser and light-based treatments but the following are the most common:

a) Blue-light therapy

This has already been approved by the FDA and the most popular type of acne laser treatment. It works by destroying P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for causing acne. It is also used as an alternative to treat acne which has proven stubborn against other forms of treatment. Blue-light therapy is considered a breakthrough because it does not make use of ultraviolet light which has been discovered to damage skin and at sum, promote skin cancer.

b) Pulsed light and heat energy therapy

This involves mixing light pulses and heat to destroy P. acnes. Pulsed light and heat energy therapy also reduces the skin's ability to produce oil or sebum. It works by shrinking the sebaceous glands and is used to treating moderate acne.

c) Pulsed dye laser treatment

As yet, there have been no consistent results with this type of laser treatment to date. In this treatment, a low-energy pulsed light is used to treat acne as well as acne scars. However, random healing of subjects with mild to moderate acne has been reported but no definitive results have yet been determined from the experiments.

Cosmetic procedures have long been resorted to by the rich and famous for erasing wrinkles and other fine lines. Studies have shown that when used with other treatments, it can effectively reduce the effects of acne. Chemical peels using salicylic acid or glycolic acid can help unclog pores that give rise to acne. It also removes whiteheads and blackheads and clear away dead skin cells. Another method that is gaining popularity is microdermabrasion which uses crystals to exfoliate the skin, unclogging the pores and reducing the appearance of acne.

This is one of the experimental forms of getting rid of acne. This, however, is based on sound medical philosophy. The body, due to internal problems and accumulated toxins in the body often manifests its physical symptoms in skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Detoxification can be simply done through fasting. You must be careful and ease slowly into the detoxification process by careful apportioning of food. A vegetable, fruit and nut diet can be followed during this period. If you need protein in your diet, you can start the first few days of the diet with lean white meat like turkey and slowly eliminate it in your dietary intake.

There are numerous remedies for adult acne. Even though acne is considered by most to be a teenage problem, a lot of adults additionally experience it. It might amaze you to realize that up to twenty five per cent of adult males and fifty per cent of adult females endure acne at some point in their adulthood. The acne can be a repetition or it can emerge for the first time. It can bring about social humiliation and depression. No one comprehends the precise trigger of adult acne but it might have to do with hormones. If you are an adult and you suffer from acne, the best thing to do is get to your doctor who will be able to scrutinize your condition and perhaps your hormone levels also.
Whiteheads and blackheads are kinds of acne that may persist until someone attains the age of fifty or further, so it’s critical to obtain therapy as well as amend present skincare regimes. To decrease the quantity of oil on your skin while washing, you can use a microfiber cloth. Female adult acne is frequent among the ages of twenty and thirty and is frequently blamed on environment and stress. Makeup that is oil based can initiate blocked pores that advances into blackheads, and women who lay in the sun tend to undergo more skin troubles that those who don’t.
Lack of moisture and inadequate blood flow can aggravate adult acne, so sipping a lot of water and getting adequate exercise is essential also.
A low level dose birth control pill has been ascertained to help some women. Ortho Tri-Cyclen is one instance of a birth control pill that performs on certain women to constrain their hormones, and as a result, acne. Birth control pills do at times produce side effects however, so you have to keep that in mind before beginning to take them. Becoming pregnant can also make acne worse or better for the reason that it transforms the hormone amounts in the body. There are other remedies, like antibiotics and a selection of creams, lotions and gels to experiment with. One good practice is a gentle face wash (don’t use harsh soap since it is extremely drying and produces additional oil ) followed by a treatment of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Gently apply a little mild moisturizer following this because benzoyl peroxide can dry your skin.
Excessive levels of testosterone can produce acne in athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs or anabolic steroids. This sort of acne can produce severe scarring.
Despite the fact that there are several therapies for adult acne, the best course of action is always see a physician instead trying to clear it up yourself, because of the the chance of scarring. If it seems especially mild, you might get help by using an over the counter product, however these can take some time to work. What’s more, because acne can be socially embarrassing and cause distress, it is best for you to get free of it as rapidly as you can.