Finding A Natural Acne Cure That Actually Works

As you may already know, treating acne is not the simplest thing in the world. At least, the majority of the world are unaware of such simple treatment options, if they do exist. If everybody knew about them, then nobody would have acne. I would not be writing this article and you would not be reading this.

Everything in this world essentially gets commercialized. A problem for one person is a gold mine for another. This is why technology has come up with all kinds of high tech treatment options for acne. They can be listed down from the less complex to more complex in the following manner:

You would have also read that there are various kinds of home remedies that have no side effects what so ever. Simple ones you would have already heard is the toothpaste treatment. You place a tiny bit of white toothpaste on the pimple, leave it for about 20 minutes, wash it off, pat dry with a clean towel, apply some alcohol around it, wake up next morning and it's gone. These are tried and tested proven home remedies that nobody with a commercial intent will talk about.

One of the problems of treatments like the one above is that you have to do that for each and every acne you get. Can you be doing that forever? On a daily basis?

This is why taking measures to prevent fresh acne are much more powerful than symptomatic treatment. An antibiotic for example, kills the bacteria on a pimple. Bacteria is a secondary thing that happened after the initiation of the pimple. So what about the primary cause? Nobody talks about this. This is why you should concentrate more on 'prevention' of acne and treatment options that target the primary cause of acne, more than anything else. There are many natural remedies that do this without risking you through all the side effects.

If you suffer from acne, and have tried all those over the counter and even prescription acne medications without success, then it could be time to try a natural acne cure. Many people are skeptical about the efficacy of natural acne cures, especially when those that have been prescribed to them by their doctors or dermatologists have failed to make an appreciable difference to the condition of their skins.
However, there are excellent reasons why a natural acne cure may actually prove to be more effective than prescribed acne treatments. For starters, medications that you buy over the counter or by prescription don’t address the root cause of the acne problem. They generally work by acting on the skin only, but the skin is only one factor in acne formation. By treating the skin and ignoring the underlying factors, you’re actually fighting a losing battle. Whilst using the medication your skin may clear, but after ceasing treatment the acne almost inevitably returns.
The fact is, that acne often has a reason that goes beyond the skin alone. This is why following such advice as keeping skin and hair clean, and using topical medication, doesn’t have the desired effect. However, there are other myths that are associated with acne, such as: eating chocolate causes acne, eating a diet high in fatty foods causes acne and others. Have you ever wondered why your friend who eats a lot of junk food never gets pimples and yet you do? The truth is a lot more complicated. In people prone to acne, things like junk food may exacerbate the problem, but they’re not the cause in and of themselves.
I searched for a natural acne cure for some time. I followed common sense advice such as drinking plenty of water, avoiding fatty foods and too much chocolate. I made sure I got plenty of exercise, and also tried to get enough sleep at night. While on this regimen I found some improvement in my skin, but it just wasn’t enough. It took a lot of research to find the answer, which I got from a book called Acne Cured the eBook. While skeptical that I’d find out anything I didn’t already know from yet another book, I decided to give it ago anyway, and I’m glad I made that decision.
There is no overnight miracle cure for acne, but my own experience, and that of others, have shown that there are natural acne cures out there. It’s often just a matter of understanding how our bodies work, and what makes us prone to acne. Obviously, everyone is different, and that’s why different people get different results with the same treatment regimens. What worked for me, may not work for someone else, but I know plenty of people who have achieved success in ridding themselves of acne for good with natural acne cures, and I’m glad I’m one of them.