Finding A Natural Acne Cure That Actually Works

Natural Acne Treatment – 4 Simple Home Treatment That Eradicate Acne And Its Scars

1. Fenugreek:

Yes, that is an effective way to treat acne scar. Fenugreek can be made into a paste and worn as a face mask. Fenugreek is an effective solution. You can boil fenugreek seeds in water and apply the solution on the acne affected area. This also is an effective way of treating acne.

2. Cucumber juice or paste:

Using this as face mask makes a good sense. The major work of cucumber is to calm inflammations of acne, it refreshes the skin and more importantly acne healing is guaranteed.

3. Lavender Oil:

When you saturate a cotton ball with lavender oil and you apply it on your acne scar two times everyday you will get a good result. Note that lavender oil is not just any type of oil but on the contrary it is noted as an essential acne fighter.

4. Try Egg Whites:

Do you know that egg white could also do the miracle? Egg white is a very effective way to curb and cure acne scars. You will like this because it is very cheap. Dab egg white on the acne affected area and allow it to stay overnight. It sure works. Give it a shot.

5. Face mask:

This is a good one to getting rid of acne. Here is how you go about it a teaspoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of oatmeal, a teaspoon yoghurt. It is very much advisable to add lemon juice. Pat this on your face for 10 minutes everyday, you will be surprised the result after rinsing it off your face after a while.