Get Rid Of Pimples Top 5 Best Natural Acne Treatments

Adult Acne – Treatments

Adult Acne is difficult to treat. In younger age, acne is caused because of blocking of sebaceous glands because of over activity of hormones. In adult age the cause of acne may be different. It is therefore difficult to treat adult acne. But it can be treated successful.

Cause- Find out why you got acne during later age. The reason may be hormones, menopause in women, pregnancy, and acne because of mechanical causes or reactions from some chemicals or cosmetics. If you can remove the cause it becomes easier to treat acne.

Normally the following treatments are suggested for adult acne-

Hormones- if hormonal disturbance is suspected it can be treated with oral pills, HRT or spironolactone. This is prescription medicine and should be carefully monitored. Hormones are not to be taken during pregnancy. HRT is commonly prescribed during menopause. Your doctor is the best person to decide about the kind of therapy you need.

Oral Medication-

Isotretinoin is used if acne is severe or does not respond to other treatments. Oral anti bipotics are also used to bring acne under control. Along with topical retinoids oral antibiotics can treat most of the cases of acne. Pl. note that retinoids can cause dryness and peeling of skin. Use the retinoid carefully with moisturizer. Sunscreen should be used when you apply retinoids because retinoids make skin sensitive to sun.

Retinoids are very good to treat non-infalmatory comedones such as whiteheads and blackheads. They also remove fine wrinkles so that is added benefit. If retnoids are used at the early stage of acne that can even prevent acne formation.

Topical Treatment- benzoyl peroxide is the most common ingredient in topical formulations. Other ingredients that are used in topical medications include- salycilic acid, antibiotics, retinoids, sulphur etc. Use a topical that causes minimum dryness. You can also combine a retinoid with benzoyl peroxide. Similarly antibiotics can be used along with retinoids.

Adult acne can not be fought with OTC formulations. Get a prescription product to treat adult acne because skin becomes more sensitive with ageing.