How to Get Rid of Acne Now

Prescription acne treatment is widely used to treat acne but they are not a true solution for acne. Using prescription treatment means that you will be using various drugs to help deal with you acne. Most of these drugs only deal with problems such as removing blackheads, white heads, killing acne bacteria or drying out your skin but they usually consist of side effects and they are not effective as a long term cure.

There are prescription drugs such as Accutane that consist of retin-A. Accutane can help to keep your skin acne free as they stop sebum production, keep away blackheads and whiteheads which make it impossible for acne to happen. However they consist of severe side effects like dry skin, redness on skin, chapped lips and etc. Your acne also can reappear after you stop using this drug.

Another popular prescription drug would be antibiotic. Antibiotics is can only help to kill off the bacteria that causes acne. However they also kill the good bacteria that are essential for a healthy body. Antibiotics also does not help in the long run since bacteria may evolve and you will need to take higher dosage each time your acne break out.

As you can see that prescription acne treatment such as using antibiotics or Accutane will not be able to help you cure your acne in the long run. Once you stop taking these drugs, acne will resurface once again. The main causes of acne are namely hormonal imbalance, clogging of pores and toxins build up in the body. The drugs are not able to touch these issues and it is only through using holistic methods that you can get rid of the causes and acne once and for all.

What you have to do to get rid of hormonal imbalance is not by taking antibiotics or any other drugs, the first thing you need to do is to keep a lookout on what you are eating. Most people are eating a junk food diet nowadays and it can cause disruption to the harmony in our body. Eating meat that are injected with steroids and antibiotics can cause disruption to our body inner balance and hence leading to acne. Milk also contains hormones from pregnancy cows and when ingested, it can disrupt our hormones level.

Instead of thinking about taking prescription acne treatment, try to adopt the holistic way of healing and start by looking at what you eat. Avoid eating meat, dairy products and foods that contain high sugar content. Replace these foods with natural foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. The only way to get rid of acne is to get rid of the main causes and it is only possible by trying to heal your body using holistic methods.

No one likes acne. I think it goes without saying that acne is one of those topics that is widely avoided because it is unpleasant and it normally makes people uncomfortable. Women often find themselves covering up their acne with different make-ups and moisturizers while men tend to just forget it- or they scramble to get rid of it with quick schemes. But would it not be much easier to just see acne leave with little effort and little time? Get rid of acne now by following this three step guide!
First, before we look at the three steps to acne recovery, let us look at what acne really is. The only way you can truly battle something is to know it thoroughly so here we go (we’ll make the definition brief!): Acne is basically formed by the pores (the scientific term is follicle) getting blocked. When this happens oil tends to force bacteria to grow inside the pores and blackheads/ whiteheads begin to surface.
Okay, now that we know how acne appears we can take a closer look at solving the issue. Here is a three step solution!
1. Wash, wash, wash! If you got anything from the above definition you should have realized that acne is formed by the bacteria that get into a person’s skin. Bacteria is not just the main cause of sickness and illness, it causes things like ulcers and in your case, acne!
What is the quickest way to get rid of bacteria? Washing your face should be the first thing you do if you have the ambition of getting rid of acne because you will be taking the first step to cleanliness. The key to cleaning your face is to use warm water and anti-bacterial soap. The anti bacterial soap is important because it is the only soap that will be able to get the bacteria out of your skin.
Step number one; wash your face, twice per day if you can!
2. Medication has never felt so good! Medicating your face should be the second step and it should come directly after you wash your face because this will be the time when your face is the softest, warmest and the cleanest. Face medications really don’t effect too much if the face isn’t clean of all forms of bacteria.
There are many types of face medications that are on the market but we have several different facial services that can help a multitude of people and the acne that is plaguing them.
Step number two; medicate the face after the wash each and every time!