Treatments For Acne on Body

There are many different types of acne, therefore there are a lot of different products out there as well as methods of treatment that will serve each kind well. Cystic acne is widely regarded as the most difficult type of acne to treat because of how stubborn and resistant it is to traditional types of treatments. This doesn't mean, however, that your cysts cannot be treated because it most certainly can.

First of all it's important to know how to identify cystic acne in case you aren't sure whether or not you have it. The most common symptoms of cystic acne is severe swelling, redness, and discharge of white puss. These symptoms can be extremely annoying and usually painful, so it's critical that you find an effective method of treatment right away.

One effective way of treating cystic acne is by the use of wide spectrum antibiotics that can only be prescribed by a doctor. Once you have the pills it's very important that you follow the directions exactly. Taken a regular basis, oral medications can be very powerful and effective in clearing away your cysts and finally giving you back the skin you once had. If antibiotic medications don't work, you will want to discuss further options with your doctor. If you leave your cystic acne untreated it will most likely get worse and begin to effect other parts of your body, even internal organs. This makes it that much more important that you seek medical attention as quickly as possible so you don't further compromise your health. Cystic acne doesn't just effect your skin it can effect your entire body.

Acne on back is very difficult to treat. Thousands of sebaceous glands are present at the back. These sebaceous glands produce excess of oil that in turn makes acne more terrible. Acne treatments uses for facial acne are not effective on the back acne. Before start taking medicines you can also treat acne just by introducing little change in your lifestyle. You must start wearing clothes with loose fitting. Try to use such fabric that will not cause accumulation of sweat on your body surface. Try to keep your back clean because dirt because dirt can make it more severe. Vigorous scrubbing can produce scars. It is recommended to use sponge or any brittle scrubbing material to scrub dead cells of skin. Use of Salicylic acid cleanser with 2% strength during bath is also helpful in treating back acne. Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment is also used on back marks. Washing your body with pH balanced body wash can also improve your back acne. There is not a single treatment to treat back acne that works for all. It may take long time to see the result of any treatment. It may take four to six weeks to observe the results.
Common Treatment for Acne
Medicines use to treat body acne are similar to medicines used for facial acne. Difference occurs to treat body acne is that body acne is much more resistant to treatments and medicines. It is difficult to apply any lotion and cream over your back. If you are using any medicine to treat acne it will take time to see the results, because of the fact that back skin is thick and acne infected area is continuously expose to friction from clothes. Following are some chemical compounds that are normally used in making of anti acne products or they can be used as medicine itself to treat acne. These compounds used in different strength to treat acne.
Benzoyl Peroxide
It works similarly as it works to treat acne on face. Benzoyl peroxide treatment is termed as Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment. Bezoyl peroxide use to treat body acne is of higher strength i.e. 10% due to the thickness of body skin. The action remains same i.e. it inhibits the growth of acne causing bacteria and also provoke shedding of dead cells.
Salicylic Acid
Salicylic acid pads are also used to treat body acne. Basically salicylic acid based cleansers and body washes are use to wash body. Salicylic acid enhances cell renewal of body cells by proper shedding of dead cells. It can also be used in concentration range of .5% to 10% depends on acne severity and skin thickness.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Based Moisturizers
It is recommended to use Alpha Hydroxy Acid based moisturizers after applying benzoyl peroxide or after washing with Salicylic acid. AHA based moisturizers don’t let your skin to become dry. Alpha Hydroxy acids also improve the shedding of dead skin cells. Exfoliates skin and eliminate clogging of skin pores.
Retin-A is also used tropically to treat severe cases of body acne.
Oral antibiotics such as tetracycline or minocycline are also administered to treat inflammatory infectious body acne.
Isotretinion or Accutane
Isotretinion comes with brand name of Accutane. These are soft gelatin capsules used to treat acne. It is used in higher dosage to treat body acne. Side effects over skin include inflammation and dryness.
Resorcinol and Sulfur
Resorcinol and sulfur are used in combination as they are used to treat facial acne. In combined form they remarkably reduce the excess oil formation and stop pore clogging.
It is good to use several acne treatments at the same time to treat body acne. For example bezoyl peroxide lotion is used after washing with salicylic acid wash. Body skin is thick and tough as compared to facial skin and can tolerate more powerful treatments. In case of irritation, dryness or scaling of skin of any part of body you must discontinue the use of certain products and consult with doctor. Antibacterial cleansers are also used in combinations with Glycolic Exfoliate to affected areas. Green Tea Poultice is also used to heal previously infected lesions. Severe Acne must be treated according to doctor’s prescription. The most severe acne that suffers body is termed as cyst. Cystic Acne forms large pus filled acne cysts under the skin.